Group Resources offers a full line of comprehensive reports for mortgage risk and fraud. These reports analyze property and neighborhood characteristics, collateral default and loss risk, borrower fraud risk, and appraisal value risk.

Mortgage Risk/Underwriting Reports

GeoAVM Distressed™

GeoAVM Distressed from CoreLogic represents the next generation of AVMs for REO properties and homes in delinquency and default. GeoAVM Distressed fine tunes results for distressed properties to deliver conservative, realistic, and reliable valuations.

Market Activity Report

The Market Activity Report from CoreLogic is a comprehensive report combining MLS information with industry leading public record data and market analytics.

Address Activity

The Address Activity Report from CoreLogic provides sale, loan, and public records activity for the property address.

Property Detail Report

The CoreLogic Property Details Report contains comprehensive property data in a convenient, easy to read format. Access property characteristics, tax assessment data, property owner information by address and more.

Comparable Sales

The Comparable Sales Report from CoreLogic provides numerous comparable sales values for the subject property for your underwriting needs.

Parcel Maps

Parcel maps from CoreLogic include parcel identification number, parcel and lot dimensions, streets and street names, as well as various other data typically used in property location and identification.

Street Maps Plus

Street Maps Plus from CoreLogic allows you to search for property information using aerial images, with or without an address.

Neighborhood Information Reports

Neighborhood Information Reports from CoreLogic offers a report with area listings and statistics including education, population, income, workforce dynamics, crime detail, nearby schools, local businesses and more.

Document Imaging

Document Images from CoreLogic are available by document number, or via a link to a recorded document image of the transaction activity associated with the subject property if the document number is not known.

Foreclosure Property Information/Stage

Foreclosure Information from CoreLogic allows you to uncover properties at all stages of foreclosure and those subject to pending legal action.

Voluntary & Involuntary Lien Reports

Voluntary Lien Reports from CoreLogic summarize releases, assignments and historical foreclosure information for a subject property.

Transaction History


With the CoreLogic Transaction History Report, view sales history details to help you quickly evaluate a property’s financial and transfer activity.

Online Document Abstractor Service from CoreLogic provides users access to a nationwide network of field abstractors to obtain recorded real estate documents from the county courthouse.

SSN Verification

SSN Confirm from CoreLogic validates Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in minutes by electronically submitting the consumer’s signed and dated consent form to the Social Security Administration (SSA). Users receive results as soon as they are processed, and SSN Confirm includes a real-time tracking system for monitoring each request.

Uninsured Natural Hazard Report

The Uninsured Natural Hazard Report from CoreLogic provides a customized review of a portfolio’s risk to natural hazards not covered on a standard homeowners policy.

Borrower Activity Report

With the Borrower Activity Report from CoreLogic, track borrower mortgage activity prior to closing with the ability to detect fraud and flipping schemes.

Property Listing Verification

CoreLogic’s Property Listing Verification report identifies the true listing history of a property to reduce risk and losses associated with ineffective asset marketing and fraud. The report enables default and REO managers to accurately assess what is being done to market a specific REO property.


OwnerConnect is a quick, effective way to obtain a complete picture of what properties a consumer owns currently or has ever owned. Applying our patent-pending process of combining various proprietary data sources with proven analytics, allow for more informed decisions. By providing a borrower’s equity, intent and occupancy, OwnerConnect helps improve decision quality and speed, while relieving compliance and risk-management worries, as well as application misrepresentations.

Custom Reports

CoreLogic has boundless property and borrower data and we’ll work with you to create custom reports based on your regulatory, underwriting, and marketing needs.