The most significant advances in collateral valuation are here now with USPAP-approved appraisal products that were designed to be used in place of a 2055 drive-by appraisal, and to specifically answer the Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines. These values are derived by licensed appraisers utilizing the latest technology to bring you a report at tremendous cost savings from the traditional 2055.  Depending on your needs, these products utilize a combination of Automated Valuation Models (AVMs), Alternative AVMs, comparable searches, Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), Property Condition Reports (PCRs), interior and/or exterior photos, and market condition reports that an independent certified appraiser desktop reviews to provide a market value opinion in a USPAP appraisal report.

CoreLogic® Alternative Appraisal Products

Residential Evaluation Report (RER™)

The Residential Evaluation Report (RER) from CoreLogic combines five different market value indicators (BPO, GeoAVM Core™, GeoAVM Distressed™, Alternative Comparable Indicated Value Approach (IVA), BPO IVA) plus a certified restricted-use residential appraisal into one product to deliver a comprehensive viewpoint that is unavailable in any other valuation tool.

Residential Evaluation Report Express (RER Express™)

The Residential Evaluation Report Express (RER Express) from CoreLogic features three different market value indicators [GeoAVM Core™, GeoAVM Distressed™, and Alternative Comparable Indicated Value Approach (IVA)]. Instead of utilizing a BPO to describe the condition of the subject property, Residential Evaluation Report Express utilizes an OnSite Plus report.