Group Resources has been integral to small lenders’ ability access investor accepted life of loan flood zone determinations at a fraction of the cost of typical vendors.  We access the largest, most accurate database available to bring you instant answers on nearly all of your requests.

All of our vendors have built a full offering of flood data products, including basic determinations, life of loan, portfolio reviews, tracking, and transfer services. Whether your priority is price, investor approval, LOS integration, or guaranteed compliance, we have the data and reports you need for any flood related service.

Flood Zone Determinations

Basic Flood Determination

The Basic Flood Determination is a one-time flood determination based on FEMA’s standard form.

Life of Loan Determination

Life of Loan determination is a fully-transferable determination that provides flood data over the life of the mortgage and provides peace of mind if you hold loans in a portfolio.

Refinance/2nd/HELOC Determinations

All of our vendors offer either free or reduced cost flood determinations specifically for related loans when another flood record is needed for a refinance or 2nd mortgage.

Commercial/Special Properties Determination

We have the right solution for your flood determinations on commercial, construction lending projects, multiple buildings, and/or multiple lots.

Portfolio Services

We have numerous cost effective reviews, audits, and tracking options and can customize any portfolio project based on your needs.  Whether it’s an acquisition, a transfer, or compliance related, we have the solution for you.

Private Flood Clearinghouse

Private Flood Clearinghouse is our way to guarantee that you stay in compliance with the Final Rule of the Biggert Waters Reform Act of 2012, by accepting private flood insurance policies in accordance with regulations effective January 1, 2020. MassiveCert reviews and certifies every private flood policy for compliance and attaches their full warranty so your staff can focus on closing loans.